Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Future

Many of us wander through life asking ourselves one major question.  What is my purpose; why am I here?  But where do we begin looking, how will we know that’s it?  Most of us find our answer through our career or volunteer work and as for knowing, it just feels right and you enjoy doing it.  I believe this is true to my situation as well.
I have two purposes I wish to fulfill before my expiration.  The first of which is to protect the innocent that cannot defend themselves.  To me the death of an innocent person is truly unforgivable and must be prevented at all cost in order to achieve peace.  I’ve already taken the first step in fulfilling this purpose by enlisting into the Marine Corps back in August of 2012.  If everything goes well I should be on the lines a little over a couple years, during the first eighteen months of my military career I will be on security forces guarding high priority naval assets.  Through them I will be given the skills and materials needed to take those people down who take away human rights and refuse to cooperate diplomatically.  Also, it will help me better understand life, other cultures, and forge strong bonds, which will aid me in my second purpose.
To poorly paraphrase what my college composition teacher, Dr. English, said, “in a geological timeline, the human race is but a hair.”  This renewed thoughts about how torn our world truly is and how, more than likely, one day the human race will cease to exist.  I doubt such an event will occur in my lifetime, but action now could prevent such a catastrophe.  I want the human race to survive the test of time and make our mark in the universe.  But, such a feat takes much time, money, and people.
In order to succeed and advance to this future we must unite under a single purpose and flag.  United by a single purpose we can achieve anything.  For instance, during World War II the U.S. was able to put its production into overhaul and gets its people to purchase war bonds so that we could sustain the war, despite the current economic hard times.  Women stepped up to the plate and took on jobs usually held by men and most non military personnel actively took part in volunteer projects for the war.  These events greatly changed America and forged the American people into what we are today.  Imagine if the entire world worked together towards a common goal.  In order to unite the world under one flag we must cast aside our differences and begin to think about the world not just our nation.
A world government should be set in place with a bill of rights and constitution.  This world government would be similar to the U.N. but more action oriented and work more with national integration.  The system of government used will be based off the current American form of democracy with minor tweaking to prevent long political stalemates.  Nations will have similar rights as states in the U.S.  They can make their own laws and raise taxes to maintain their nation, but the world government exercises supreme authority with the rights given to it by the constitution.  Representation would also be the same as the American system.  Each nation would have a lower house based on population and upper house with equal representation with all nations.  However, there’d be laws put into place to keep high populous nations from passing world laws with few other supporting nations that only help their own nation or hurt other world government run nations.  I could go on forever about how I think a world government should be set up and how but to time’s sake I won’t.  What does any of this have to do with my purpose?  Well, one day when I’m old and decrepit I think I might take a run at politics.  I’m not entirely sure if I will because of the high stress, but I have quite a bit of time before any of this crosses my mind again.
It’s important that we all find our purpose in life.  With it we strive through life and work hard towards that goal every day.  The human race will benefit as a whole from most people’s goals.  I look forward to what the future may and hope for the best.

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